What is Intent and how can we incorporate it into our everyday lives?

To intend, is to manifest an idea, goal or purpose in life and strive to achieve it. Whether or not it becomes achieved, the intent to move forward and improve yourself or your team become the driving force in self-discovery, and life fulfillment.

Intentional Life Coaching helps individuals and teams find intention in many forms of their personal or professional lives. Led by Carolyn Smith, Intentional Life Coaching provides customized experiences to guide yourself or team down a path of growth, purpose, and intentional living. Through her collaborative approach, passion for people, and love of nature, Carolyn provides coaching workshops and individual sessions to suit every individual needs.

Together, through learning from each other with care, knowledge, and direct communication, Intentional Life Coaching will provide the support needed for you or your team to reach goals and successfully navigate a path of unity, sharing, and elevation.




As a Human Resources Professional for 18 years, I've learned that everything we do as people should bring value to our lives. During my time working in Human Resources, I had the opportunity to learn from a business and leadership coach who opened my eyes to the benefits of coaching. 

Soon after, I became a certified as a career, leader and life coach and began implementing my new skills at work and in life. Now, I'm ready to take on the new challenge of helping you and your team relinquish control that lead to positive results and accountability. 

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