I am a person who loves relationships and all the ways these can be developed.  

I grew up on a farm and pretty much did everything my brother and dad did, it just looked different and it wasn't always as graceful looking when it came to the more physical endeavours but I certainly felt the need to not let this get in the way of contributing to the family lifestyle.

As a young adult I moved from Alberta to BC where I was surrounded by athleticism and an abundance of nature.  Much like many endeavours in life I liked to do things that pushed me out of my comfort zone so upon arrival in Vancouver I signed up for a marathon while I was attending SFU.  I completed three out of the four marathons while attending university: first Vancouver, then Victoria where I took off an hour from my first marathon which then qualified me for Boston.  With the desire to do something memorable as a graduating present to myself, I then completed the Big Sur marathon.  I was drawn to the idea of running along the California coast line and loved the idea of an orchestra playing at the finish line.

My biggest athletic endeavour occurred when I moved from Vancouver to Kelowna where I signed up for the Ironman after only doing a couple triathlons beforehand but had done a rough calculation of how many people can say they had done such a thing... and so I jumped in with both feet!

While living in Kelowna I became involved with a local rotary club that decided to partner with Rotoplast which is an organization that goes to other countries and performs surgery on children with cleft palate and cleft lips.  Again, a month after joining the Rotary Club I signed up to go to Ethiopia as the recreation therapist, or more accurately, the pre- and post- play lady.  During this time, I also visited a kindergarten school in Bar Dahr and feel in love with the beautiful hearts of these children.  When I returned home I set up a fund to support the school by sending a monthly contribution to them.  It was eventually taken over by a non-profit organization that was able to provide more funding opportunities for the school.

I also have a desire to provide amazing experiences for other other people and have done this by having a vacation rental property in Kelowna.  With my two employees our quest is always to have a "wow experience" for the guests with executive furnishings, being super clean, and providing an amazing view.

Graduating from SFU I have spent eighteen years in HR in a variety of business sectors:  non-profit, manufacturing, banking, and engineering.  I consider myself a contemporary HR professional in that I believe everything should add value and spending time with people is where I believe the most value is added regardless of industry. 

During my first HR job I got the extraordinary experience of having them bring in a business and leadership coach and I was amazed at what I learned about the team and myself during this brief encounter - I was hooked on the coaching model.

This is the reason I was impassioned to get certified as a career, leader and life coach. In addition, I have expanded on my coaching to provide group facilitation work which I so enjoy:  relinquishing control over the determined outcome while knowing to how to draw out different people's input's with the end result of providing results and accountability.


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